The Church of Fanefjord.

The church lies on a small hill in the eastern part of the parish at the innermost inlet of Fane fjord. The parish's highest point is the southeastern corner of the churchyard.

The church is composed of a long main section with an older western part and a newer eastern section that has a three-sided ending, as well as a bell tower and an entrance annex/'weapon house'.

From the period around 1250-1300 stands the roomy nave, which has a wall height of approximately 7 m. The wall is built from bricks from the Middle Ages, laid in a pattern typical for the period. The nave's present arch is late gothic. There is only one remaining original window. It has a pointed arch.

Originally, the nave had a narrower choir. Traces of the choir's long wall can be seen on the eastern side of the triumphal arch. In the year 1659, a longhouse choir replaced the original choir.

The entire longhouse has a late gothic roof construction. The bell tower, which is from around the year 1500, has a high, straight gable with thirteen comb points and is bricked up in a similar way to the choir's gable. 

The entrance section, which is with out doubt late gothic, has been remodelled and plastered. The door now has a round arch and the gable is smooth. 

The church contains lime-based wall paintings from two different periods. They were brought to light in 1929-31 and were restored by the conservator E. Lind in 1932-34.

The beautiful pictures in the triumphal arch are from around 1350.

Around 1500 the nave was richly repainted- probably by the Elmelund master, as his emblem is found on a rib in the first arch in the northern row. The Elmelund master and his workshop have decorated a number of other churches, among others Keldby church and Elmelund church (click here), both of which lie on Møn.


A brochure in English can be found in the church, which explains the lime-based wall paintings pictures and the church's historical inventory.

Subject. The church's paintings:
In the summer months, Fanefjord Church offers a tour of narrative about the paintings. It is the organ of the church, Pia Dahl, who manages this. Send mail to

The church is open: Monday - Sunday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

We ask you please not to disturb during church ceremonies.

Translated by Hélène Kelly